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Why choose a foam mattress?

Hand pressing on a foam mattress
At Restonic iDream, we aim to be at the forefront of sleep innovation, from the latest aeration technology to cooling climatic controlled memory foam. Our premium foam beds are designed for durability, comfort and a great night of sleep, every night.
While foam mattresses have been around since the 1970s when memory foam was first developed under contract for NASA (which was looking for ways to keep test pilots cushioned during flights), foam technology has been developing and evolving ever since. Today, with more than 50 years of technological innovation behind it, foam has become a popular choice for beds because it offers so many benefits:

5 benefits of foam

  • Relieving pressure

    Foam mattresses contour to the shape of the body, distributing your weight evenly and relieving pressure points. Because of this pressure relief capability, foam mattresses can assist in alleviating pain and stiffness, making them a great choice for people with joint or muscle pain.

  • Durability

    Foam mattresses are generally considered more durable than spring mattresses, as they are less likely to sag or develop lumps over time. While this means they may come at a slightly higher price point, they may last longer and provide better support over time. All Restonic iDream beds come with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. Plus, if you buy an iDream bed and register your warranty online, we will plant a tree in your name.

  • Isolating motion

    Foam mattresses are able to isolate movement. This means if you’re sharing the bed with someone else and one of you moves during the night, the other person won't be disturbed. Perfect for couples!

  • Allergy-friendly

    Foam mattresses can be a good option for people with allergies, as they are less likely to harbour dust mites or other allergens. There are also specialist types of foam available with anti-allergenic properties.

  • Customisable firmness and properties

    We offer premium foam beds in a wide variety of firmness levels, from soft to extra firm, meaning there is an option for everyone, including those who prefer a specific level of firmness or need a customised level of support. We also offer specialist foams for a variety of needs, from temperature management to antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties.


Innovative foam technology

Innovations in foam bedding in recent years have contributed to improving the comfort, durability, and overall quality of foam mattresses. At Restonic iDream, we use a range of proprietary speciality foams designed to meet your particular requirements. Some of our foam products include:
iDream Zonal Flex Plush

Gel-infused foam

Gel-infused foam is created by adding gel particles to the foam material. This helps to improve the cooling properties of the mattress, making it more comfortable for people who tend to sleep hot. For example, our TempaGel is a climatic controlled memory foam, infused with hydrogel beads that aid in the dissipation of heat out of the mattress.

Aerated foam

Our latest range of infused foams now incorporates aeration technology through our Active Air foam, which uses micro air channels, uniformly punched through the comfort layers, to improve the thermal regulating and hygienic properties of the mattress through effective air flow.

iDream Dream Whisper Plush Ultra Plush Cross Section
idream Dream Whisper Plush

Memory foam

Memory foam has become increasingly popular in mattresses due to its ability to conform to the shape of the body, providing excellent pressure relief and support. For example, our Memory Sense foam is enhanced with cell opener and thermos-stabilising technology, which provides better ventilation allowing for reduced sensitivity to variations in ambient temperatures. Memory Sense is exceptionally luxurious and provides effective support which further enhances your comfort with a down-like touch.
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