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Sleep well this summer

Summer Sleep Survival Tips

Here are our sure-fire sleep survival tips for summer

The balmy days of summer are here and, while we may adore all the good things that come with it like the beach and braais, the nights aren’t always as much fun. After making memories with loved ones, there is nothing better than heading for bed to enjoy some much-needed sleep, but the oppressive heat can make it difficult to get comfortable.

Switch to summer linens

Now that the days are longer, it is safe to pack the blankets and heavy comforters away and replace them with cotton or polycotton as much as possible. Cotton is the most breathable of all bedding options and will keep you cool as it wicks away moisture and dries fast to ensure you have a sweat-free sleep.

Wash away all your summer blues

Jump into a cool bath or shower a few hours before bed for instant relief as you wash away the dirt and sweat of the day and slip into something more comfortable.

Rethink your summer sleep wardrobe

Pack away your flannel and fleece pyjamas and switch to 100% cotton pyjamas. Alternatively, sleep naked. Staying cool is your priority, and by making clever choices, you will help slay any insomnia pests and ensure that getting some rest is at the top of your list.

Cool tools

Turn your hot water bottle into a cold one by filling it with iced water for a refreshing twist. Place this near the foot of your bed for a quick cool down and immediate relief for tired, swollen feet.

Fan favourites

Position your desk fan to face an open window so that it works like an extractor that removes warm air and makes space available for fresh, cool air. If you don’t have a desk fan but having a ceiling fan, switch your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise to pull hot air upwards and out of the room.

No fan? No problem!

Fill a sock with rice and leave it to chill in the freezer for an hour before bed. Beat the heat by applying it to your pulse points and cool your whole body.


Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. The warmer weather means you are sweating more, and all that water loss can make you thirsty. By drinking water throughout the day, you will avoid the temptation to drink lots of water just before bed and ensure you have a night of interrupted sleep for frequent trips to the bathroom.

Take it outside

Make the most of these summer days by spending as much time outdoors as you can. Having a braai keeps the house cool as you keep the stove turned off while saving electricity at the same time!

Close the curtains

Draw your curtains from midday and protect everything inside from the intensity of the heat and make it easier to cool the house down once the sun starts to set.

Put down your devices

Phones and tablets can generate a surprising amount of heat and, while it is subtle, they can increase your temperature without you realising it. Set aside your devices a few hours before bed and step outside to look at the stars instead.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be sure to have the best summer sleep possible. Just a few tiny tweaks can make a big difference as you embrace every minute and enjoy life to the fullest.


If you’re looking for more helpful sleep tips and advice, click here to visit the Restonic sleep blog.

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