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Your mattress can support ocean clean-up

Taking the fight to plastics

Plastic is something most people use every day. From packaging to vehicle and public transport components, kitchen utensils and household furnishings, plastic is all around us in our daily lives. However, disposable plastics have come under the spotlight for the problems they can cause when they end up in oceans, causing damage to marine life.

seaqual ocean cleanup

The Seaqual Initiative

At Restonic South Africa, we are always looking for ways to make our business more environmentally friendly and to be part of the solution rather than the problem. We’re very proud to introduce Seaqual™ textiles in our new premium range of idream beds.

Seaqual™ Initiative is a unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution – a community of individuals, organisations and companies working together to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it. Seaqual™ Initiative works with ocean clean-ups around the world to bring value to the wa

How it works

Plastic waste is collected by 1 500 fishermen, who bring the garbage they collect as they fish ashore with them. Every day, 400 boats retrieve a tonne of waste and 100% of this garbage gets recycled.

Seaqual™ pays the fishermen to collect garbage and bring it ashore. Each material goes to its own unique recycling chain. Textile technology enables us to upcycle ocean plastics to new yarns.

seaqual process

At idream beds, we turn some of the plastics collected from the sea into high quality, sustainable polyester fibres. In partnership with SeaqualTM, every iDream queen mattress we produce that contains Seaqual™ fabric helps pull 50 plastic water bottles from our oceans.

Our idream beds also include Enviroflex, our ultra-high density reconstituted foam core, which is highly durable and provides excellent foundation of support. With the added benefit of recycled foam, Enviroflex is an environmentally friendly option.

Some may say it’s a drop in the ocean, but we’re on it. Because we care about the future of our planet. See all the ways we work to be a greener business here.

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